What is freedom?

Think about what you have been told constitutes as culture and why you have been led to believe it is.

Think about what you have been told constitutes as culture and why you have been led to believe it is.

Freedom does not always demand wars and mayhem in exchange

Oppression can be received with both eyes closed

But that doesn’t mean it has to be accepted with hands wide open

We cannot insist that control and confinement be culture

Just as we do not accept suppression to be support

I find freedom in the things I do every day

The way I dress myself, an expression of my inner mind unobstructed by custom and convention

The way I breathe spiritually, connecting myself to a higher power of my own volition

The way I care for myself, accepting and cherishing every flaw and design

The way I sleep at night knowing I am in control of my own destiny

I am my compass and I am my captain

I have the freedom to make mistakes

To experience the best moments of my life with the best people I’ll ever meet

To regret loss and learn to appreciate the memories I keep

 To create life and journey my own

I am not chained by the wants or needs of people or possession that do not raise me to a higher level

If everything I do from here on out is a mistake

I will smile knowing I made my own decisions, reaped my own rewards, and learned my own mistakes

The oftentimes unattainable feeling of freedom is stomped, kicked down, bruised and battered

But it awakens every time I remember how it feels to be caged and not even know

To be so wrapped in your own delusion you mistake your complacency and comfort

For raw, unharnessed freedom capable of wonders you had never imagined

Being free does not mean you cannot be afraid

It means having the ability to do what you deem necessary

Even though fear courses through you a greater power is at work

Do not mistaken self-care for selfishness

Raise yourself and your light will guide others

Your determination will lead you through struggle

And your freedom will set you free.

quote credits: Letty Cottin Pogrebin


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