Arraweelo of the Month

african woman

Here at Arraweelo, we admire excellence. In my community, I am reminded every day of the extraordinary feats our ancestors conquered in order to give us a chance. That’s why I am are proud to present the Arraweelo of the Month series. Each month, you the viewer, can have the chance to submit for publication an excellent woman who exemplifies the qualities that embody Arraweelo; kindness, strength, creativity, ambition, and determination. In a world that is filled with constant reminders of inadequacy and oftentimes ignores our suffering and strength, it is with absolute urgency that we build ourselves up before we are torn down. Our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters’ lives’ depend on it. I hope to begin a long tradition of singing praise of the women whose back’s we stood on to get to where we are today.

It’s super easy to send a submission. All you have to do is send a picture along with why your heroine exemplifies a true Arraweelo. You choose the format, anything goes. A video, a poem, a paragraph, or whatever it takes to get your voice heard.  I look forward to reading your submission and getting to know the women who have molded the new generation of Arraweelos. Send your submission to

Doesn’t your mother/sister/daughter/wife/mentor/friend deserve to be recognized? On another similar note, don’t you? Send away and you’ll regret not having done it sooner!

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