Arraweelo of the Month July 2015 Edition

It is really important to celebrate and support black artists and their expressions. That’s why I am proud to present Arraweelo of the Month July 2015 to Muna Abdirahman.

Black girls are important.

Muna Abdirahman

                     Muna Abdirahman is no ordinary mortal; she is an Arraweelo and a creator of art. It all started in a dusty library in a small-town, a sanctuary she frequented after school practically every day.  Muna often found herself perusing the young adult literature section and wandered off to graphic novels. Somewhere in between she found Manga, which are Japanese comics that have broad genres from action to comedy to science fiction. Her interest piqued and soon she was consuming anime cartoons hungrily. Muna has been working on her craft for many years and dedicated her time and money to share her work with her fans. Her biggest fans are probably her friends and family who have stood by her and watched her talents grow as the years go by.

                    As I mentioned earlier, black artists need to be recognized and praised. That’s why Muna and girls like her are so necessary to blackness. They are our vessels of expression.  Muna even designed a custom made piece just for this blog! Check out that piece and the rest of her collection.

IMG_20150427_170239 (2)

IMG_20150517_162418 (2)

IMG_20150524_181046 (2)

IMG_20150402_151754 (2)

IMG_20150312_183615 (2)

IMG_20150223_134604 (2)

IMG_20150216_165829 (1)

IMG_20150205_190148 (1)

IMG_20141212_154415 (1)

IMG_20150610_183911 (1)

IMG_20141215_130313 (1)

IMG_20150428_165932 (1)

Custom artwork designed by Muna titled “Arraweelo”:



Special thanks to Muna for showcasing her art and sharing her talents!

giphy (11)


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