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Hey girl!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything but don’t worry, I’m back with gifts. I haven’t just been sitting on my butt eating hot Cheetos and watching CinemaSins (well not JUST that), I’ve been hard at work! I live in Minnesota and winter is right around the corner and I can just hear my skin cracking and dying from dehydration.

I was in the market for something more hydrating than lotion. I have so many bottles all over my nightstand and in my backpack/purse and they do absolutely nothing for me. I have slather it right back on as soon as I make wudu or wash my hands. It’s so tiring. Plus lotion just kind of sits on your skin and it doesn’t soak through.

So in my research for finding the best way to moisturizer my skin I came across body butter. Now body butter is a combination of butters (think shea, mango, cocoa, etc) mixed with oils to create a rich, thick moisturizer. I was super excited to something that had the potential to last longer than lotion and go deeper into my skin. That’s when I found out I could make my own!

I made my first batch and I instantly fell in love. The hydrating combo absorbed into my skin and left it feeling soft and smelling great.  The body butter smelled heavenly and I found I could so many delicious combinations. Plus, it didn’t wash away like lotion always does, it was able to withstand a few rounds instead of leaving my hands tight and dry. And I knew all the ingredients that were going in because I made it and I could trust it.

I went through my first bottle pretty quickly. My friends caught whiff of what I was up to (literally) and I made them a few jars. A few of their friends inquired about it and soon after that I was buying more jars. A few of my other friends asked if I had a site so they could have it delivered to their house and here we are now.

I created an Etsy page and spent a lot of time figuring out how I could make this work. Now I’m confident that if you give my Luscious Body Butter a try, you’ll love it as much as I do!



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